About Us

Amuseum is a new age concept foundation for Artscience Philosophy established in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, India. Amuseum is a collective of independent intellectuals, artists, scientists and cultural enthusiasts from different parts of the Globe. It aims to emphasis the value of interdisciplinary inquiry bringing together Art and Science in experiencing and understanding the world around us in a broader and deeper way.

About us

The aims and objectives

  1. To carry out activities that provide space, opportunities and support to Art and Science Projects, public art projects, and to function as an anchor of Art and the public.
  2. To provide a centre to make art exhibitions, seminars, workshops, studio facilities and research on Art, Culture, Science and Technology.
  3. To engage the society with Science through Discussions, Seminars and Science exhibitions to evolve into a Science friendly Society.
  4. To educate the methodology and objectivity of science in the society.
  5. To act as a point of intersection between science and art to provide rich ground for collaborative working, questioning paradigms and engaging new audiences.
  6. To celebrate Creativity, merging ART with SCIENCE